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05 December 2011 @ 07:46 pm
Boarding in Pittsburgh  
This is probably a long shot but I found this community while searching for barns to board at in Pittsburgh. I was wondering if anyone still uses this community or has suggestions on where to board! I've recently looked at Morning Star Stables and Bethel Park Stables but I'm still hunting! I want to move my 12 year old gelding up from Florida. Any transport advice would be helpful as well. Thanks!
Venerable Lady Musiquephan Mad Hope of End: Jimi - Bratmusiquephan on December 6th, 2011 02:53 am (UTC)
This community is really quiet, but I'm still hopeful. lol

I'm familiar with Morning Star stables.

I think it depends on where you live and what discepline you ride....and of course, how much you want to spend on board.

PM me. Maybe I can give you some suggestions.
Krisquiet000001 on December 6th, 2011 04:39 am (UTC)
Pittsburgh in general seems to be pretty quiet, horse-wise. Maybe because what is here tends to be kind of spread out geographically because of the hills and rivers?

(Either that, or there's some sekrit club I don't know the handshake to. Maybe you need to actually own a horse? Right now I just want a good place for adults to take dressage-oriented lessons.) (I would actually be quite happy to jump, but my background is in dressage and I did enjoy it, so I want a place that knows how to do dressage properly also, you know?)
Venerable Lady Musiquephan Mad Hope of End: Jimi - Bratmusiquephan on December 6th, 2011 05:47 am (UTC)
Pittsburgh is actually really active in the horse community, but I think you have to own a horse to know about it all.

This should get you started for researching riding lessons. http://local.yahoo.com/results;_ylt=AmyJmOqb6_e4iz91Rq021heHNcIF;_ylv=3?p=riding+lessons&csz=Pittsburgh%2C+PA

You might also inquire here:

I ride huntseat and am starting my horse on barrels as well. But the facility at which I board doesn't have lesson horses. She only gives lessons to those who have their own horse.

Good luck in finding an facility that suits your needs. There are lots that have lesson horses.

Krisquiet000001 on December 6th, 2011 06:07 am (UTC)
I keep forgetting we have a local dressage group. (Well. This end of the state, at least. :) )

And yeah, the lesson horse thing seems to be the biggest stumbling block I'm running into - places that horsey folks I know recommend tend to be trainers at places where you have your own horse, because the few horsey folks I know in the area who are adults have horses. But it's not practical for me right now to have a horse, much as I would like one. (I know leasing is an option, but it's been many years since I was able to ride really regularly, and I started developing arthritis when I was 12 so it's quite a bit worse now than it was when I used to ride, so I want to make sure regular lessons is actually something I *can* do before getting into leasing, you know?)

Anyway, most of the places that do have lesson horses seem to mainly have horses they consider suitable for kids/teens, not adults. Then I get discouraged and give up for a bit until I start feeling horse deprived again.

(Of course, around here access also becomes an issue - which I would suggest anyone looking for boarding consider also. I basically live in the city, so getting north/south/east/west isn't a huge deal, but just due to the geography, where some of the places are if there's bad weather it can be pretty hair-raising to get there. Which is just frustrating if you're only taking lessons, but if I boarded I'd definitely check into what the situation was if there was bad weather - is there someone close enough who can get there daily, if you don't have full board normally but you can't get out, is it a problem for your horse to be bumped up to basically full-care temporarily, etc. I have a friend in upstate NY which, of course, gets even WORSE weather than we do - yay lake effect snow - and she actually had to move her horses from a facility that she otherwise loved because they couldn't provide the level of care she wanted on days when she couldn't get to the barn due to road or weather conditions.)

Is there other stuff that happens in the local community that isn't necessarily riding-related? Like I'd be happy to help out with shows as a volunteer, or fund raisers or whatever, but I have no idea how to find such things. (I keep meaning to hit a local tack store but I don't actually need to go there FOR anything so it doesn't happen.)
Venerable Lady Musiquephan Mad Hope of End: Jimi - Bratmusiquephan on December 6th, 2011 12:24 pm (UTC)
Driving can be an issue in our weather. I used to live 21 miles away from my stable, but have since moved closer.

North and South Park have horse shows. You may want to check with some of the tack shops. They frequently have flyers on equestrian events.

Here is a good link for riding lessons: http://www.newhorse.com/page/ridinglessons/b.511.g.45449.html?page=1

You might be able to find a trainer with lesson horses. Some differentiate between "adults" and "beginning adults."

And, check out the horse rescues or handicapped riding programs. They may need volunteers as well. It's a great way to address your horse jones and give back all at the same time.

This is a good site to peruse as well: http://www.horseweb.com/
Mercedesporcelaintears on December 7th, 2011 05:23 am (UTC)
I'm interested in leasing my horse when I get him up here. Mostly due to the fact that I can only ride on the weekends and he needs more activity than that. He does dressage and barrels. He's been a lesson horse for the past 2 years while I've been in school but he's definitely an "adult" lesson horse. He's a great ride but needs someone who isnt timid with him and is experienced. I wouldn't mind allowing someone I trusted use him as a lesson horse so if thats something you might be interested in we should chat more!