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30 July 2005 @ 11:56 pm
hi all. i just joined a few days ago.

ive just recently moved to pittsburgh from boston, and was looking for someplace i could go for a trailride. some place not to expensive and close by.

my boyfriend and i checked out the stables in oglebay. they were nice, but thats a bit far from us. we live in greentree. any ideas??

thanks in advance!
20 July 2005 @ 12:53 am


just delete this if it isnt allowed; thanks!
17 July 2005 @ 09:37 pm
hello everyone im back ;)

ok i was just wondering if anybody knew of any horses for sale in the area, preferably less then 4500! im helping my friend look for a new horse! she's looking for a horse that can be ridden english and jump! if you know anything please contact me!

aim - xkrazyklutz
email - ash87star@yahoo.com
04 July 2005 @ 09:35 pm
hello everyone -

ive found it time for me to leave all communities. i know its bad, but i really should. [read my personal journal for more explanation] just at this time in my life,

if anybody would like to add me that would be great, and ill add you back!

im sorry for leaving so soon ;(

have a great one everyone - ashley

[xp to every comm im in]
13 June 2005 @ 10:43 pm
so this isnt entirely related to horses, howeverrr!

i am getting mouth surgary on the 18th of june. [4 wisdom teeth out and 3 babies] and i was told i can't do any real activity for about a week. WELL...one week and ONE day after that surgary i have a horse show. i don;t HAVE to be in it, however i would love to because it'd be the first one of the summer [im already missing my first 2 for 4H cuz of the whole thing]...and I'm gunna get somebody to ride spice and ill give a little lesson about 3 times the week im out. i was wondering if anybody here has ever had their wisdom teeth out, and how long you had to wait utnil you could ride again.. because if im just ok, i could do just on the flat. i know everyone is different, however, an approximation would be really helpful! its just i want him to start getting into showing and stop being an asshole during classes, and id rather start sooner than later!

so anybody that knows anything, please comment!

08 June 2005 @ 03:31 pm
I was in McMurray yesterday to investigate DeLuca's Canine Country Club (not my area--that was about a 50 minute drive) and had the pleasure of passing Carousel Equestrian Facilities. I didn't know what it was at first, nor if it was a stable or a really nice house fashioned to look like a barn, so I drove up and snooped around for a little bit. Anyhow, the place is amazing. Do any of you board there/know of someone that boards there? I would like some information, if possible. I know that it's relatively new, so I don't think they have a Web site up yet.