Horseback Riding in Greater Pittsburgh

Horse Lovers of Pittsburgh
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This is a community created for horse lovers and riders in the greater Pittsburgh area. Please feel free to post an intro when you join and tell us a bit about yourself, the kind of riding you do, and about your horse if you have one. We love pictures of riding and horses, but please if you post more than one put it behind a cut for people with slow connections. Tell us about your barn or where you take lessons, any good trailride places that you know of. And please feel free to offer any suggestions on how to make this community better!


Useful Links:

PA Horse Mall
Thats to a classified site thats for PA and the surrounding areas. You can find horses, tack, lessons, boarding and all kinds of other stuff on there.

WPA Horse Directory
This site is a directory of numbers for just about everything horse related here in Western PA.

Pgh Area Barns
This is a listing of some local barns.

Horse-Rider Ect
This is the site for a great little tackshop. Its kind of going out towards Indiana PA. Great for show clothes and with a plus-sized section.

Rolling Hills Ranch
Trailride place in Bridgeville. Community meet-up, anyone?